Bleach & Tone in the Metaverse!

Blondes & Curls in VR!


How do you mix your lightener and developers?

Our lightening system requires a little more elbow grease than usual to achieve the best results. We recommend mixing for 2-4 minutes to ensure that all of the pigmented micro capsules are completely mixed with your preferred developer. Electric mixers, such as the Ping, are frequently used to assist with proper mixing.

Are your toners intermixable?

Absolutely! Our liquid toners are mixable with each other offering free range of custom creativity. No developer needed!

Can you use in foils?

Yes you can! Whether it's foilyage, corrective color, or bleaching and toning, let your creative juices flow.

How do you apply the toners?

Apply toners AFTER the lightening process. For best results, shampoo the hair to remove any remaining traces of lightener, then towel dry the hair and apply your Liquid Toner of choice. If the hair is above a level 10, then dilute with water (ratio 1:1).

Still have questions?

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