Blonde Solutions Tour 2021

The BLONDE SOLUTIONS TOUR IS OFFICIALLY HERE! Come learn what many have said is impossible from two of the GREATS in the industry @mohesco and @hairlikeaboss. This class will provide the best of both worlds by teaching and displaying the diversity in High Level BLONDES. This one of a kind class will allow the student to discover the science behind the hottest blonde products to hit the market. 

In this class you will learn:

-How and when to use Blonde Solutions

-How to achieve high level lifts of blonde

-Textured Blonde techniques 

-Formulation CHEAT CODES

-Finding the right clientele for high level blondes.

30 mins "Blonde Bag Breakdown" Business Session with @beauty_politix featuring tips and tricks from some of today's industry leaders. 

+PLUS opening and closing tour parties in our first and last cities